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There is a lot happening with health care, retirement programs and legislative updates. Read on to stay current, and find valuable data and information for a paper or project!

Health Care Programs and Legislation

​Financial Education and Retirement Security

​General Benefits Information

  • Benefits Transition Tracker—This year has brought a flurry of announcements, orders and legislative activity that are impacting the benefits industry, leaving many with questions. This resource helps sort through the changes that have already occurred and those to come, and to decipher what's certain from conjecture.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics—A wealth of information on a wide selection of labor and benefit topics
  • National Compensation Survey (employee benefits data), updated annuallyBreaks down different types of benefits. Covers health, retirement, disability and paid time off benefits in the United States. Good fact sheets on a variety of health related topics.
  • U.S. AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) with U.S. Department of Health & Human Services—Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. This is the only national data source measuring how Americans use and pay for medical care, health insurance, and out-of-pocket spending.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Health Benefits Survey—Report from annual survey administered by a not for profit organization. Provides reliable and objective data.

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