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Individual members

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Individuals across the U.S. and Canada impacted by the reach of International Foundation members

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85% of members overall
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15% of members overall
Multiemployer Plans

Also known as Taft-Hartley plans in the U.S., these benefit plans are the result of a collectively bargained plan to which more than one employer contributes and typically involve one or more local unions.

Industries represented: Construction-dominated, also hospitality/service, entertainment

Example roles/titles: Trustee, Labor Relations Director, Executive Director, Fund Administrator, Business Manager, Training Coordinator, Secretary-Treasurer

Corporate Sponsor Plans

These are benefit plans maintained by one employer.

Industries represented: Wide-ranging—technology, retail, energy, manufacturing

Example roles/titles: Benefits Manager, Director of Health Care Strategy, Senior Director of Human Resources, Director of Global Benefits, Director of Retirement Services, Benefits Analyst, Vice President, Director of Compensation and Benefits

Public Employer Plans

These are benefit plans established for employees of a federal, state, provincial and/or local government as well as those who work for publicly funded organizations such as police or fire systems, school systems and universities.

Systems represented: State, provincial and local systems; school systems; safety (police and fire) systems

Example roles/titles: Executive Director, Director Health Care, Director Member Benefits, Chief Investment Officer, Trustee, Board Member, City Manager, Plan Administrator


Service Providers

Sometimes referred to as a professional, any specialty or advisory profession that provides a service to a benefit plan is considered a service provider.

Types of providers: Accountants, actuaries, attorneys, consultants, brokers, agents, third-party administrators

Example roles/titles: Principal, Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Consulting Actuary, Attorney, Of Counsel, Vice President, CPA, CFO, Controller, Shareholder, Managing Partner