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Prerequisites for the Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS)

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Before enrolling in ATMS, you must:

  • Complete the FTMS Certificate of Achievement (earned by completing the classroom work and passing the test)
  • Pass the ATMS Qualifying Test

ATMS Qualifying Test

The objective of the test is to ensure trustees have not only a basic understanding of the effective management of trusts, but also the ability to find the answers they need.

The test is an online, open-book test with 40 questions. The test is available for 180 days from the date of purchase.

70% or better is required to pass the test. Should you not pass the test, you will have an option to retake it. If you do not pass on the second attempt, you can register for additional retakes.

The test scores are confidential. The International Foundation will not notify your fund of your results. However, your fund may have an educational policy that requires you to provide this type of information.

Please note, registering for the ATMS Qualifying Test does not reserve a space for you in the ATMS course. Separate registration for ATMS (after completing the Qualifying Test) is required. Recent offerings have reached maximum capacity.

Study Materials

Upon registering for the ATMS Qualifying Test, participants will be given test instructions and access to the online test and reading materials.


The ATMS Qualifying Test and online materials are C$475 and include 2 test attempts. Register online or by mail. Contact Brad Bauter at [email protected] for more details.