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FTMS®, ATMS™ and MTMS—A Path for Trustee Education

The Canadian trustee education path—Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS), Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS), Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) and MTMS Advanced Leadership Summit—provides clear, cohesive training for all experience levels

Together, FTMS, ATMS and MTMS provide the ideal blend of knowledge, skills and experience needed for effective management of trusts. Past attendees recommend leaving time between each step on the path to apply what you've learned in the classroom to real-life situations.


The Training Path




For new trustees looking to get up to speed on the basics of trust management

FTMS will help you understand the health and retirement needs of plan members while increasing your knowledge and awareness in the key areas of effective trust management: legal and regulatory issues, administration, governance and funding/investment/finance.

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For those with two to four years trustee/fiduciary experience

ATMS focuses on the application and analysis of the key knowledge areas—adding breadth and depth to what is learned in FTMS and deepening the pension and health and welfare applications.

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For those with more than four years trustee/fiduciary experience

MTMS focuses on evaluation and creation of new points of view in the fields of leadership, governance, oversight, strategy and risk management—preparing longer term trustees to contribute in a leadership capacity to the effective management of their plans and trusts.

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Who Should Attend

These programs are for multi-employer, public sector and corporate plan trustees/fiduciaries as well as benefits office staff who serve on any of the following plans:

  • Defined benefit (DB) plans
  • Defined contribution (DC) plans
  • Target benefit plans (TBPs)
  • Health and welfare plans
  • Employee life and health trusts (ELHTs).

Education Doesn't Need to Feel Daunting 

By attending these programs, you will gain expert instruction from professionals in your field while working alongside your fellow trustees. Through engaging discussion, you will gain insight, participate in real-life case studies and come away with applicable takeaways for improving your fund strategy. After your session, you will have 60 days to pass the accompanying online exam. The open-book, multiple-choice exam gives you time to review your notes and find the correct answers. 

Don't be intimidated—Over 90% of attendees pass on their first attempt!

Continuing Education

The MTMS Advanced Leadership Summit is a continuing education program for those who have earned an MTMS credential. MTMS graduates will have the opportunity to continue their learning and develop deeper into relevant topics critical to a fund's overall strategy. The topic focus of the MTMS Leadership Summit will change each year to reflect the most essential issues facing trustees. 

CEBS Compliance Approved iconEducational sessions at this program can qualify for CEBS continuing professional education (CPE) credit.
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