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Does the Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) program apply to those working with both pension and health and welfare funds?
Yes. Issues in common to each type of plan will be addressed. Highly interactive exercises allow you to leverage your expertise in both pension and health and welfare plans.

Does the MTMS program apply to those working with both multi-employer and public sector plans?
Yes. Common and unique issues to each of these sectors will be addressed. Instructors have a unique combination of experience in public sector and multi-employer fund management.

How does the MTMS program differ from the ATMS program?
The MTMS program is more interactive and intensive, requiring a higher level of participant engagement. The MTMS program includes pretests, mock board meetings and posttests. Once you complete all of the MTMS requirements, you will have earned an MTMS credential, which you can proudly display on signatures, business cards and more.

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Earning Certificates

How do I earn the MTMS Credential?
To earn the MTMS Credential, participants must complete four days of classroom attendance, receive a "satisfactory" participation score in group activities from instructors (including mock board meetings), and pass accompanying pre- and posttests. Session A and Session B are each 2 days in length and held concurrently each year. This requires attendance at two separate conference locations.

Am I required to take MTMS in a particular order?
Yes. Session A must be taken prior to Session B. Successful completion of Session A and its accompanying tests are prerequisites for enrollment in Session B.

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Do I need to meet any prerequisites before I enroll in MTMS?
Yes. Due to the advanced nature of the curriculum, we require that attendees have advanced knowledge in the effective management of trusts. To that end, before enrolling in MTMS, you must complete the FTMS Certificate of Achievement (earned by completing the classroom work and passing the test) or pass the ATMS Qualifying Test AND complete the ATMS Certificate of Achievement (earned by completing the classroom work and passing the accompanying tests for ATMS Sessions A and B.)

How can I view my transcript?
Your personal educational history transcript may be downloaded from our website by the following steps:

  1. Log into My Account at the top of the webpage.
  2. Go to My Profile in the My Account dropdown menu.
  3. Within your profile, click on Educational Records.
  4. Click on International Foundation Educational Records.
  5. Open the downloaded file to view your educational record.

Note: If the transcript shows ”Passed,” you have completed all the requirements to earn the credential. “Attendance Fulfilled” means you met the attendance requirement, but not the testing requirement. “Not Qualified” means either you did not write the exam or you did not pass the exam. We will not be able to provide an assignment breakdown if you were unsuccessful in completing the exam.

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Does the MTMS program include tests?
Yes. MTMS Session A and Session B include online, open book pretests and posttests. Successful completion of the MTMS tests is required to earn the MTMS credential.

Why does the MTMS program include tests?
The objectives of the MTMS pretests are to ensure trustees have an understanding of effective trust management, can find the answers they need and have the ability to apply the information to a variety of scenarios. The assessment component provides trustees the ability to validate their learning.

How long do I have to take the test(s)?
Each pretest will be available online for approximately 6 weeks prior to the first day of classroom instruction. Each posttest will be available online for 60 days from the last day of classroom instruction.

How many attempts do I have to take the test(s)?
Your registration includes 2 attempts at passing both the pretest and posttest. If you do not pass on your second attempt, you may purchase 2 more attempts for a reduced fee of $145. The online retake tests will be available for 60 days from the date of purchase. Please click on the button below to register for the retake test.

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