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Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) Session A

Thursday, June 20-Friday, June 21, 2024

Hyatt Regency Calgary,
Calgary, AB
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For those who have completed both FTMS and ATMS, Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) is for leaders in their organization who are ready to look past the day-to-day operations of their funds and ready to leverage their own unique leadership strengths and skills to optimize their contributions.

You'll learn to engage and develop others—all with the aim of strengthening your plan or trust for the long-term benefit of your members. 

Earning Your MTMS Credential

To earn the MTMS Credential, you must meet the following program requirements for both sessions.

Session A and Session B
  • Prework including a passing score on open-book, untimed, preprogram tests (minimum 70% correct)
  • Full attendance at both Session A and Session B, which involves a total of four days of classroom instruction. The program is sequential—Session A is a prerequisite for Session B, which means attendance at two separate offerings/locations.
  • A "satisfactory" participation score in group activities from instructors
  • A passing score (minimum 70% correct) on the online posttests for Session A and Session B. The posttests are open-book and include multiple-choice questions on the prereadings/prework, on-site slides, exercises, materials and postreadings.
Why You Should Attend

The award of the MTMS credential is the culmination of your successful journey through the trustee/fiduciary education path!

It recognizes the commitment involved in completing the suite of trustee education programs (FTMS, ATMS, MTMS). These programs in total represent ten days of education and multiple assessments, including two capstone mock board meetings—fortified by your years of experience as a fiduciary/trustee.

Who Should Attend

MTMS is the next step for those who have earned an ATMS Certificate of Achievement. It is also recommended for those who are advanced-level appointed and elected multiemployer, public sector and corporate plan trustees/fiduciaries. MTMS is also for trustees/fiduciaries of all types of plans and trusts. See prerequisites.

There is a tendency to think of leadership in terms of hierarchy, with the board chair playing the strongest leadership role. It is certainly true that an effective board chair contributes enormously to the board's productivity. However, every board member has a leadership role to play. Fundamentally, leadership entails speaking up when you have a concern and contributing what you can to make the organization successful.

Excerpt from "Developing Leadership on Boards of Directors"

Barbara S. Miller and Jeanne Bergman

JOURNAL for Nonprofit Management, 2008


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