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Courses are hosted in Zoom and require participants to enable the microphone and camera on their device.These courses have limited spots available to simulate a classroom environment and make it easier for those attending to have meaningful engagement with the curriculum.

Team Registrations: To register your team, contact us at Use this page only to register yourself, or an individual, for the program.

This Intensive Training Seminar is designed to empower health promotion practitioners to teach the power of gut health, your "second brain" and the microbiome. It will be delivered with a focus on teaching how the gut and the microbiome impact physical, emotional and mental health. The power of this Intensive is that participants will be able to teach this content after completing the training.

This seminar teaches a whole-body approach to healing through gradual, holistic lifestyle change. It is filled with vital information that, if put into practice, can have a dramatic effect on physical, emotional and mental health. This seminar will help you:

  • Know the role of the gut and the microbiome as a barometer of emotional and physical health
  • Understand the role of inflammation in gut health
  • Learn to teach health promotion programs based on this training.


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