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Author: Mark Zigler, D. Cameron Hunter, Murray Gold, Michael Mazzuca and Roberto Tomassini Copyright: 2015 Publisher: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Edition: 4th Pages: 615 Item #: 7518

This must-have title is a comprehensive overview of public and private employee benefit plans in Canada. Both novice and seasoned professionals will find this a useful reference on the legal and administrative aspects of pension, health and other benefit programs. Topics include regulatory compliance, fiduciary responsibility, investment fundamentals, member communications, taxation and the handling of delinquencies in multi-employer plans.

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Keywords: Benefits|Fiduciary responsibility|multiple employer plans|public employee plans|single employer plans|Canada|communication|delinquencies|Canada Pension Plans|Quebec Pension Plans|Old Age Security Act|health benefits|Dental benefits|Privacy|human rights|Pharmacy Benefits|Employee Assistance Programs|Investment Management|legal services|vacation pay|spousal benefits|defined benefit plans|defined contribution plans|target benefit plans|savings plans|pension plans|government health services plans|workers' compensation|employment insurance|group insurance|guaranteed income supplement and allowance|taxation|plan surpluses|jointly sponsored public sector pension plans|legal serices|vacation pay trust funds|


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