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Everything an instructor needs to teach Financial Tools for the Trades to apprentices, including:

  • Four personal finance lessons with an in-depth instructor’s script, learning activities, and answers to apprentices’ frequently asked questions
  • Four ready-made PowerPoint presentations on a thumb drive that will guide an instructor through each lesson
  • Suggestions of how to find a local bank or credit union to partner with the program and help you teach the class
  • Practical tips for teaching apprentices about money management
  • Two copies of the book Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices.

Financial topics covered in the student guide and the toolkit are how to prepare financially for the apprenticeship experience and the layoffs common to working in a trade, managing money using a spending plan, understanding credit, building a good credit history and dealing with debt.

Additional student guides can be purchased separately. See Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices, item #9103.

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