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Author: Dee W. Edington, PhD and Jennifer S. Pitts, PhD Copyright: 2016 Publisher: Edington Associates Pages: 387 Item #: 9085

This book combines the concepts of business economics and sustainable culture of health. Popular author of the book Zero Trends: Health As a Serious Economic Strategy, Dee Edington, Ph.D., and co-author Jennifer Pitts, Ph.D., give fresh thoughts on developing a win-win organizational philosophy.

The authors explore how shared values and results take organization and individual health to a higher level of success. The book describes advances in research, thinking and practices around five fundamental pillars that provide the foundation for evolving more positive work environments, cultures and climates for employee health and well-being plus strengthening workplace wellness initiatives.

Appendixes include case studies, a full wellness and well-being landscape assessment and more. Appropriate for senior executives and management and labor union leaders.

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