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Author: Thomson Reuters Published: 6/1/2019 Copyright: 2019 Publisher: Thomson Reuters Edition: 2019 Item #: 9152

The tax rules for IRAs and retirement plans can be confusing, often differing from plan to plan with important amounts changing from year to year. This handbook provides quick answers to questions involving eligibility, making contributions, elective deferrals, how distributions are taxed, penalties and more. In a quick-access, easy-to-read format with convenient subject tabs, the reader is provided:

  • The ins-and-outs of traditional and Roth IRAs, with numerous examples to illustrate key features
  • The similarities and differences between SEPs, SIMPLE-IRAs, solo 401(k) and other small business retirement plans, including key factors to consider when choosing a plan
  • What you need to know about how distributions are taxed, how beneficiaries can impact payouts, and what’s required for a tax-free rollover.

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Keywords: Roth IRAs|simple IRAs|spousal IRAs|Employee stock ownership plans|defined contribution plans|401(k) plans|403(b) plans| 457 plans|rollovers|defined benefit plans


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