Top Three Challenges for Employee-Sponsored Health Plans and How to Resolve Them - Sponsored by Conifer Health Solutions

Thursday, May 23-Thursday, May 23, 2024

Free to members and nonmembers.

This webcast will explore the top three challenges facing employee-sponsored health plans: boosting employee engagement, building and maintaining trust, and improving health literacy to enhance benefits utilization. The speakers will discuss strategies for overcoming these hurdles, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, educational resources and trust-building measures. They highlight common reasons for low engagement, such as lack of awareness and trust, and propose solutions like vendor collaboration and simplified communications.

Additionally, the webcast will address health literacy improvement through early engagement and the selection of comprehensive care management vendors. The ultimate goal is to achieve exceptional member experiences, lower health care costs and better health outcomes by implementing proactive interventions, personalized support and trust-building initiatives to encourage active participation in health plans.

This webcast is sponsored by Conifer Health Solutions