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Designed for the needs of experienced trustees, Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS) will give you the tools you need to not only be successful in your role as a trustee, but also let you look toward the future and prepare your plan for the challenges ahead.

For trustees that have either completed the FTMS program or passed the ATMS Qualifying Test, this is the perfect opportunity to continue your trustee training. Trustees will learn about more detailed applications and case studies on pension and health and welfare provided in ATMS.

Earning Your ATMS Certificate of Achievement

To earn the ATMS Certificate of Achievement, you must complete four days of classroom attendance and accompanying online test(s).

Session A and Session B

ATMS is divided into two parts, Session A and Session B, and is sequential; successful completion of Session A is a prerequisite for Session B. Each Session is two full days The program will not be offered as a standalone, four-day program.

Very valuable. Good information and resources.

Cheri Hearty
Benefits Officer

Why You Should Attend

Trustees play an important role in addressing the health and retirement needs of plan members and need to be confident and competent in that role. ATMS helps trustees build upon their past education and practical experience by focusing on applying the knowledge gained to future decisions through engaging instruction and interactive case studies.

Who Should Attend

ATMS is recommended for advanced-level appointed and elected multi-employer, public sector and corporate plan trustees/fiduciaries of any type of trust; members of pension advisory or benefit committees; and benefit office staff.



The objective of the test is to validate that trustees have an understanding of key knowledge required for the effective management of trusts and the ability to find the answers they need and can apply that information to a variety of scenarios.

What to Expect

Sessions A and B include online, open-book tests. They will be available within a specified window of time after course completion. The tests are included in the cost of your ATMS course registration.

A score of 70% or better is required to pass each test. Should you not pass a test, you will have an opportunity to retake it. One retake is included with your registration. If you do not pass on the second attempt, you can register for an additional retake at a reduced fee (see testing section of FAQs).

Successful completion of all tests is required to earn an ATMS Certificate of Achievement.


All test scores are confidential. The International Foundation will not notify your fund of your score; however, your board may have an educational policy that requires you to provide this type of information.

Canadian Trustee Education Path

In order to help trustees better meet their educational needs, the Foundation has created a suggested progression of trustee education. This program is the second step in the trustee education path.

Continuing Education

Educational sessions at this program can qualify for CEBS Compliance credit. Visit for more information.