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Frequently Asked Questions | FTMSTM

Does the Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS) program apply to those working with both pension and health and welfare funds? 
Yes. Issues in common to each type of plan will be addressed. There will also be opportunities for break-out sessions to discuss the issues that are unique to each type of plan.  

Does the FTMS program apply to those working with both multi-employer and public sector plans?
Yes. Common and unique issues to each of these sectors will be addressed. 

If I took the Foundations for Trustees (Foundations) courses in the past, do I need to take the new FTMS course?
Individuals who have previously taken Foundations for Trustees courses are encouraged, but not required, to enroll in the new FTMS program. The new program provides a streamlined course curriculum with an assessment component that is applicable to all types of funds.  

How does the FTMS course relate to the Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS) program?
Learning objectives for FTMS focuses on baseline knowledge and comprehension, assuring that participants understand the foundational information necessary to fulfill their responsibility as a trustee. After participating in the FTMS program and successfully completing the test, participants may move on to ATMS which focuses on application and analysis. FTMS followed by ATMS produces well-educated, knowledgeable and confident trustees.  

Does the FTMS program have a testing component?
Yes, FTMS includes an optional test. However, the test is a prerequisite for ATMS. The program’s curriculum covers key knowledge areas for management of trusts. The test is open-book and has 40 multiple-choice questions. You are encouraged to use your class materials and notes for reference.  

Can I earn a certificate if I don’t take the test?
If you attend all of the required sessions, you may request a certificate of attendance. You will earn a certificate of achievement if you successfully pass the test, which is a requirement to enroll in ATMS.  

What kind of test will be administered?    
The test is an online, open-book test with 40 questions (70% or better is required to pass). The objective of the test is to ensure trustees not only have a basic understanding of the effective management of trusts but also the ability to find the answers they need.  

If I fail, will my fund be notified?
The test results are confidential. The International Foundation will not notify your fund of your score. However, your board may have an educational policy that requires you to provide this type of information.

How many attempts do I have to take the test?
Your registration includes 2 attempts at taking the test. If you do not pass on your second attempt, you may purchase 2 more attempts for a reduced fee of $145. Please click on the button below to register for the retake test.

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