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Q. What is a webcast?
A. A webcast is a real-time distance learning tool that combines a conference call with interactive online visuals. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. You can "attend" a webcast without ever having to leave your office.

Q. How does it work?
A. The audio portion of the webcast is delivered via the Internet and you can access the online visual portion right at your desktop. Complete access instructions will be provided a few days prior to the webcast. These access instructions will be emailed to the e-mail address associated with your account. To view your account, login to our website and click My Account at the top of our website.

Q. How do I register for a live webcast?
A. For all live webcasts, registrations will be taken online: Simply click the "Add to Calendar" or "Attend Now" buttons. You will need to login into the site in order to gain access to live and/or recorded events.

Q. Can I invite other colleagues or staff members to listen and view the presentation?
A. You can set up in a conference room to project the Internet presentation on a screen and use a speakerphone for the audio. This will allow a larger group to participate. Please do not share your personal login information to connect multiple times to the same webcast. 

Q. When will I receive the log-on instructions and handouts?
A. Complete web and phone access instructions are always provided in advance of the program with presentation handouts. These will be sent to the registrant of record via e-mail. If you have not received this information by the webcast date, please call 888.334.3327, option 3.

Q. What technology do I need?
A. Most modern Internet browsers will support our webcasts. You must have cookies and javascript enabled to enjoy the full functionality of the webcast platform. If you have any questions or concerns please call Customer Service at 888.334.3327, option 3.

Q. My company has a firewall, can I still participate?
A. Different companies have varied security systems in place. You should consult your IT department for questions specific to your operating system.

Q. Is CEBS compliance credit available for webcasts?
A. CEBS compliance credit for webcasts is self-reported. See "How to Report Education Activities" in the CEBS Compliance Guidelines for more information.  

Q. Is professional continuing education credit available for webcasts?
A. Credit is dependent upon the profession and state/province in which you need certification. See the continuing education page for more information.  

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Webcast Recordings

Q. I'm interested in the content, but I can't attend at that date and time. How can I get this information?
A. If you are interested in the webcast content, but are unable to attend at the time of the live event, you can still register for the webcast which will give you access to the webcast recording, available approximately one hour after the completion of the webcast. Webcasts may be available for up to a year following the live broadcast. The Foundation reserves the right to discontinue any webcast recording at any time.  

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