Conference Theme


Conference Chair:
Sara S. Johnson, PhD

Striving for Shared Value

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the wide-ranging ripple effects of an unexpected public health crisis on our physical, mental, social, community and financial well-being. Its sustained disproportionate impact on communities of color brought into stark relief the racial inequities that continue to pervade every facet of our society. The field of health promotion has the opportunity, and indeed the obligation to design and implement interventions that have equally - or ideally more - powerful positive ripple effects on all domains of well-being, and most fundamentally, address health and racial inequities head on.

One promising mechanism for achieving that goal is through partnerships that create shared value—which occurs when an initiative generates societal and community benefit as well as benefiting the sponsoring organization. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly striving to make a demonstrable positive social impact through activities that are integral to their core strategy. There have been numerous illustrations of successful partnerships between businesses and health promotion professionals amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has perhaps never been a more opportune moment to build on that momentum to launch more sustainable and broader initiatives that create larger impacts on equity and individual, collective, environmental, and global well-being. 

Conference sessions will explore:
•         Models and frameworks for creating, implementing, and sustaining shared value initiatives 
•         Examples of successful shared value initiatives that address pressing challenges of our time (e.g., health equity, the wealth gap, climate change, misinformation, the need to heal division and promote civil discourse)
Evaluation models or indices that aid in adequately capturing the impact of shared value initiatives on individuals, communities, and the climate