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Risks Abound: Safeguarding Health Plan Data
Risks Abound: Safeguarding Health Plan Data
Practical Application of a Four-Day Workweek
Should Your Fund Hire a Professional Trustee?
SSDI: A Money-Saving Option for Multiemployer Health Funds and Their Members?
Legal & Legislative Reporter: New case summaries added monthly. December now available!

Benefits Magazine is a bimonthly magazine that covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public employee plan representatives. It’s filled with timely, important articles from leaders in the employee benefits industry that tackle serious issues and provide tangible solutions.

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Past Issues

September/October 2023

Articles include:
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Considerations for Offering Family Planning Benefits
  • How to Be Fully Transparent—Can Funds Overshare in Participant Communications?
  • An Employer’s Guide to Navigating State Retirement Mandates
  • The Ins and Outs of Nondiscrimination Testing for Health Plans
  • Collecting Welfare Plan Overpayments— Continuing Challenges
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (September)
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (October)

Printable Issue [PDF]

July/August 2023

Articles include:
  • How to Leverage Your EAP for a Mentally Healthy Workplace: What Leaders Need to Know and Do
  • KYP (Know Your Participant): Multiemployer Retirement Plan Death Audits and Other Processes
  • Collecting Retirement Plan Overpayments: New Challenges
  • On Target: Best Practices for Offering Pharmacogenomic Testing Benefits
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (July)
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (August)

Printable Issue [PDF]

May/June 2023

Articles include:
  • DC Plans and SECURE 2.0: What’s Now, and What’s Next?
  • Four Key Action Steps to Prepare for Open Enrollment
  • ESG in Retirement Plans: Investment, Risk Management and Regulatory Considerations
  • The Who, When and Why of Independent Fiduciaries
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (May)
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (June)

Printable Issue [PDF]

March/April 2023

Articles include:
  • Investing Special Financial Assistance Program Assets
  • Mental Health Parity Compliance: Hidden Hurdles
  • Addressing Financial Fragility in the Workplace
  • Helping Employees Access Pay Resources During Unpaid Parental Leave
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (March)
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (April)

Printable Issue [PDF]

January/February 2023

Articles include:
  • The Evolving Biosimilar Landscape
  • Assessing Public Pension Plan Objectives
  • Cancer Care: Maximizing Patient Outcomes While Reducing Health Plan Costs
  • A Case of Continuous Improvement in IBEW Apprenticeship Training: Bridging the Skills Gap
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (January)
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter (February)
  • Magazine Extra: Benefits Touch Points-- Communicating When it Matters
  • Magazine Extra: Benefits Considerations for Unretirees
  • Magazine Extra: Adapting Benefits to Today’s Multigenerational, Postpandemic Workforce

Printable Issue [PDF]

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