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​Paid Leave in the Workplace

2017 Survey Results

Paid Leave in the Workplace: 2017 Survey Results

The International Foundation report Paid Leave in the Workplace: 2017 Survey Results addresses the current status and approach of organizational paid leave policies, including paid holidays, paid-time-off (PTO) plans, paid vacation, sick leave, bereavement leave, parental leave and sabbaticals. The report provides a deep-dive into the details of paid leave at corporate and public employers—offering data on the number of days offered, minimum service requirements needed, and the different policies for hourly and salaried workers.

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Type of Paid Leave Offered by Employers

64% separate vacation time, personal time and/or sick time. 34% PTO bank. 2% Other/none.

Employers Who Allow Paid-Time-Off Donation

28% workers may donate unused PTO to workers in need. 3% workers may donate cash value to charity. 30% may donate vacation

Most Common Life Events Covered by Paid Sick Leave

95% Illness. 83% Medical appointments. 78% Care of a sick child. 77% Dental appointments
76% Care of a spouse or partner. 75% Maternity leave. 73% Vision care appointments. 69% Disability leave

Employers and Paid Bereavement Leave

83% offer in a separate plan. 12% offer as part of PTO. 4% Do not offer.

Employers and Paid Parental Leave

40% offer paid parental leave. 29% do not offer. 18% offer paid parental leave as part of PTO. 9% do not offer but considering

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