Record Retention Policy for Attendance Certificates & Transcripts

Attendance certificates

The Attendance Certificate is earned by attending 75% or more of the program sessions. For most programs, you will automatically receive a Certificate if you qualify. Certificate requests must be made within three years of the program you attended.

Certificate of Achievement for: AMP, ATMS, CAPPP, Certificate Series, FTMS/ATMS/MTMS and TMP

A Certificate of achievement is awarded upon completion of a series of courses.  You will automatically receive a certificate if you qualify.


We will release attendance transcripts to the attendee or a third party (such as an employer or affected trust fund administrative office).

Individuals: Log into the IFEBP web site with user name and password. Select My Account/My Profile/Educational Records to print out a personalized transcript.

Administrators or Third Party Representatives: Requests for transcripts must be submitted in writing by filling out the Release of Education Records/Transcripts form [PDF] and emailing it to the Registration Department at [email protected].

The International Foundation treats information concerning attendance and completion of an educational certificate as a matter of public record but is respectful that not all trustees may want this information disseminated generally.