Peter Kaehler

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Nokomis, founded in 2013, is focused on ensuring “Claim Accountability” in the healthcare system. Nokomis Claim Accountability combines proprietary innovation, ClaimWise™technology, and expertise from a team of reviewers & analysts to intelligently select claims – post-adjudication, prepayment - for review, finding errors - even in claims presumably accurate. With firsthand industry expertise across healthcare, this neutral, independent review by Nokomis saves an average of 9+% on reviewed claims, while returning claims in one business day. Nokomis, paid on a percentage of realized plan savings, with no minimums or recurring fees. The combined Nokomis team notably has more than 22 years of experience with multiemployer and self-funded health plans.

Peter Kaehler

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Peter Kaehler, Sr. VP, Business Development

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