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Your Pension and Your Spouse: The Joint and Survivor Dilemma, Eighth Edition

Your Pension and Your Spouse cover

This helpful workbook provides step-by-step guidelines for married employees in a defined benefit pension plan who must decide between an employee-only annuity and a joint and survivor annuity that pays pension benefits during an employee's lifetime as well as during the lifetime of a surviving spouse. Income and expense worksheets will help the user evaluate how much money is needed for retirement. Tables on life expectancy and lump-sum pension values are handy tools that will also help with the decision-making process.

Topics covered include:


  • Invest in Your Health
  • Prepare for your Frail and Final Years
  • Leave Your Legacy


  • Track Your Progress with the Retirement Reality Check
  • Gather The Facts and Figures
  • List The Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Plan for a Long Retirement
  • Motivate and Inspire Yourself
  • Take Your Financial Inventory


  • Manage the Magic Formula for Retirement Income Security
  • Optimize Your Best Retirement Paycheck—Social Security
  • Build Your Retirement Income Portfolio

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