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Financial stress impacts productivity, job performance, ability to focus at work and staff turnover. Help your participants learn the basic tools, habits and behaviors needed to achieve financial goals. Find financial education and retirement security program support in the resources listed below.


Retirement Plan Sponsor Responsibilities

Retirement Plan Sponsor Responsibilities outlines the intent and application of the Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Guidelines and the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) Governance Guideline. It reviews the significance of CAP Guidelines and CAPSA Governance Guideline for plan sponsors, plan members and insurers and highlights key differences between the two sets of Guidelines. Steps taken by the plan sponsor, advisers and service providers when setting up, operating and terminating a CAP are reviewed.

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The Dangers of Credit Illiteracy to Staff and the Workplace

Are you aware of the dangers of financial illiteracy in the workplace? Many speak of financial literacy, but let's speak about the real danger: financial illiteracy. Financial Illiteracy causes stress on employees, resulting in mental and physical health implications, which could impact production. How can we help resolve this? With financial literacy education. Explore how organizations are providing resources on managing credit and debt, the impacts on staff and business, and most importantly, how to address this issue by setting up a successful financial literacy program.

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A Preview to Financial Planning for a Healthy Retirement

Plan members no longer need to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to retiring. Roland Chiwetelu, financial wellness consultant at Eckler Ltd. and Kyra Jones, chief design officer with Adapt with Intent Consulting will provide a preview of the two-part “Health, Wealth and Happiness” preconference workshop being offered at the 56th Annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference.

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Decumulation: Unique Challenges and Solutions for Members—The What, Why and How

Famously called the “nastiest, hardest problem in finance,” decumulation presents members with additional challenges and questions they didn’t face while accumulating assets during their working years. Fraser Stark and Pat Leo from the Longevity team at Purpose Investments will cover what makes this phase of an employee’s financial lifecycle uniquely difficult, why it’s so critical that plan sponsors help their members tackle this phase and the range of options for addressing it. Additionally, they will share several examples of the innovation that is taking place in support of decumulation in Canada and around the world.

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Survey Reports

Workplace Wellness and Financial Education Programs: 2022 Survey Results

Workplace wellness programs have grown to include benefits that address workers’ mental health, financial health, growth and purpose. Physical health-related offerings like flu shots and health risk assessments remain popular but the meaning of wellness initiatives has been expanding.

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Retirement 101

Select from a defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan or a plan for public employees. Find out more about what each plan is, how much money you will get and when, different scenarios, and who pays for your benefits. This is the perfect tool to share with plan participants wanting to learn more about the power of their retirement plan.

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