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The MTMS Advanced Leadership Summit is a continuing education program for those who have earned an MTMS credential. MTMS graduates will have the opportunity to continue their learning and develop deeper into relevant topics critical to a fund's overall strategy. The topic focus of the MTMS Leadership Summit will change each year to reflect the most essential issues facing trustees.

These one-day workshops will provide practical tips and skills trustees need to develop working relationships that operate with minimal conflict and a high-level of trust and confidence.

 "There is a tendency to think of leadership in terms of hierarchy, with the board chair playing the strongest leadership role. It is certainly true that an effective board chair contributes enormously to the board's productivity. However, every board member has a leadership role to play. Fundamentally, leadership entails speaking up when you have a concern and contributing what you can to make the organization successful."

Excerpted from "Developing Leadership on Boards of Directors"
Barbara S. Miller and Jeanne Bergman
JOURNAL for Nonprofit Management, 2008

Why You Should Attend

The MTMS Leadership Summit provides MTMS graduates a deeper dive into relevant topics critical to a fund's overall strategy.

Who Should Attend

The MTMS Leadership Summit is the next step for those who have earned the MTMS credential. It is also recommended for those who are advanced-level appointed and elected multi-employer, public sector and corporate plan trustees/fiduciaries.

Continuing Education

Educational sessions at this program can qualify for CEBS Compliance credit. Visit for additional information.


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