To earn the Fundamentals in Retirement Plans certificate, you must successfully complete four e-learning courses.

Each course is available 24/7 for 180 days after purchase. Courses are self-paced, interactive and accessible from any type of device. Enjoy various course features to support your learning including real-life scenarios that help you to apply your knowledge and quick quiz questions to check your comprehension. 


Required Courses

Courses should be taken in the following recommended order:

The Retirement Landscape
Gain a basic understanding of what retirement income needs are and how retirement plans work to meet those needs. This course introduces the three pillars of the retirement system and outlines the key characteristics and the prevalence of registered and nonregistered plans.
​Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
​This course provides an overview of benefits arising from a registered pension plan on retirement, termination of employment or death. It examines various types of defined benefit registered pension plans and nonregistered savings plans and explains the pros and cons for employees and employers.
Retirement Plan Sponsor Responsibilities
This course provides a detailed explanation of the Guidelines for Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP Guidelines) and the Pension Plan Governance Guideline issued by the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA). It reviews the significance of both sets of guidelines for plan sponsors, plan members and service providers and highlights key differences between the two.
Life Cycle of a Group Retirement Plan
Understand the insurer’s role and responsibilities at all stages of a capital accumulation plan (CAP) life cycle—prospecting, quoting/selling, implementing, servicing and terminating. Ethical decision making is examined from the perspectives of all parties involved.

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