Health Insurance Basics

Besides having to understand what their health care needs are and how to access providers, people need a way to pay for the health care they receive. Health insurance is a product that helps to minimize the financial impact of a person’s medical costs by transferring some of the risk to the insurance provider. A health insurance plan will yield several different types of costs that are important for plan participants to be able differentiate and calculate, such as premiums and cost sharing. This course will review these cost-related concepts, as well as introduce additional spending and savings options that can be used to pay for health care and supplies. The course will also review several federal laws that protect participants of group health plans and will explain how people might be charged for certain medical services that are not covered under the health insurance plan.

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CHPNThis course counts toward the Certificate in Health Plan Navigation​. Earn your Certificate to understand the fundamentals of health care plans and how to support your plan participants in making the best health care choices.

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