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For many consumers, taking medication is a part of daily life and choosing the right prescription drug plan is incredibly important. But navigating through various plan options and understanding how to minimize costs can be difficult. For anyone who counsels health care consumers, this course will provide guidance on how to objectively advise them of their prescription drug choices.

Lesson 1: Prescription Drugs: A New Vocabulary
Defines the vocabulary of prescription drugs including premiums, deductibles, cost sharing and brand name vs. generic drugs. Also explains the role of pharmacy benefit managers, insurance companies and pharmacies.

Lesson 2: Prescription Drug Plan Structure
Reviews the overall structure of a prescription drug plan, levels of benefits under ACA, how a formulary works and the claims process.

Lesson 3: Helping Consumers With Plan Selection
Pinpoints "hot-button" consumer issues regarding prescription drug coverage and illustrates how to compare plan costs, understand the formulary and navigate the network of providers.

Lesson 4: Additional Resources for Consumers and Counselors
Explains where consumers and counselors can find prescription drug information, including plan sponsor websites, Healthcare.gov, drug assistance programs and community services. Also identifies how consumers can protect themselves from fraud as they use these resources.

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