Workplace Mental Health Resources

Mental well-being has a significant impact throughout the U.S. and Canada and, in turn, throughout our workplaces and on employee benefit plans. 

A mental health crisis has been looming over the past decade. Over the past few years, nearly everyone has been impacted by pandemic-related stressors such as fear, social isolation, physical health challenges, financial insecurities, grief, caregiving stressors and domestic violence. These are likely causing anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions, increased addiction issues, and suicide concerns. 

The resources below are designed to help you support the mental health of your organization/the plans you serve. 

Mental Health at Work: Today’s Lessons for Tomorrow’s Workforce--Webcast

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits: 2021 Survey Results

More than four in five organizations (88%) believe workers are more stressed than they were just two years ago, according to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits: 2021 Survey Results


Preventing Burnout in the New Future of Work: An Interview With Jennifer Moss

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair Dr. Sara Johnson for a conversation with Jennifer Moss, a globally recognized workplace wellness expert and author of the book The Burnout Epidemic, to discuss the future of work amid uncertainty and change.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 1/12/2022)

Survey Reports





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