Multiemployer plans are a unique structure of benefit plans that can require special considerations for accounting and auditing issues. This online certificate includes two courses that will help you understand how to work with multiemployer plans and their financial requirements. First, familiarize yourself with what multiemployer plans are, how they are meant to function and where legal problems can occur. Then, learn about accounting and auditing guidelines for multiemployer plans, including tax forms, financial processes, required financial statements and common multiemployer reporting issues.

Benefits of Earning Your Certificate

After successfully earning your Certificate in Multiemployer Plan Auditing, you will be able to:

  • Explain the basic purpose and functions of multiemployer plans
  • Describe fiduciary and advisory roles in a multiemployer plan and the rules that govern prohibited transactions
  • Identify types of multiemployer plan fraud, where it can occur and how to help prevent it
  • Recognize key tax documents and financial processes that are common to multiemployer plans
  • Organize the required financial statements of different types of multiemployer benefit plans.

Who Should Enroll

The Certificate in Multiemployer Plan Auditing is best suited for:

  • Professionals that interact directly with multiemployer plan finances
  • External auditors new to working on multiemployer plans
  • Multiemployer plan trustees or administrators that wish to better understand the financial processes and responsibilities of their multiemployer plans.

Following the successful completion of an online certificate, students will be able to apply their knowledge in the field and gain valuable experience. Students will also be well-prepared to further apply their learning by attending face-to-face International Foundation programs like the Annual Employee Benefits Conference.

Registration Information

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