Upon enrolling in the Certificate in Multiemployer Plan Auditing, you will get access to two e-learning courses. To earn the certificate, you must complete both required courses.

Each course is available 24/7 for 180 days after purchase. Courses are self-paced, interactive and accessible from any type of device. Enjoy various course features to support your learning including real-life scenarios that help you to apply your knowledge, example financial statements, quick quiz questions and a complete glossary of important terms. 


Required Courses

Multiemployer Plan Accounting and Auditing
Because of their specialized structures, multiemployer plans have numerous differences and nuances to handling finances. These plans may have special reporting requirements, financial processes, financial statements, and other accounting and auditing issues. This can create difficulties for any accountant who is required to work on a multiemployer plan but is not familiar with how they function. This course provides high-level information for dealing with the accounting and auditing of multiemployer plans and points to additional resources and areas of inquiry.
Multiemployer Plan Structure and Administration
Because they must combine the sponsorship and leadership of multiple companies as well as labor union representation, multiemployer benefit plans require a unique structure and administration. For anyone working with a multiemployer plan, it is essential to understand how these plans function and how their responsibilities are divided. This course will look at the basics of multiemployer plans, the people who guide plan decisions, basic plan regulations and the types of fraud that can occur in multiemployer plans.

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