Trustee Education Path


Education for Trustees, by Trustees.

Serving as a multiemployer trustee in today’s world requires a greater understanding of wide-ranging issues—complex regulations, legislation, health care systems, investment strategies and more. The path below illustrates the recommended progression of courses for trustees.

New Trustees Institute Level 1: Core Concepts

New Trustees
Level I:
Core Concepts

(Less than 3 years of experience)

New Trustees Institute Level 2: Concepts in Practice

Level II:
Concepts in

(3-4 years of experience)

Trustees Masters Program (TMP)


(5+ years of experience)

TMP Advanced Leadership Summit


(6+ years of experience)

Certified Employee Benefit Specialist®


(Over 6 years of experience)

New Trustees Institute—Level I: Core Concepts

This conference focuses on the role of a trustee, the understanding of the key issues in managing pension and health and welfare funds, and the complex environment of benefits. By attending you will secure a high-level understanding of your fiduciary responsibility and the legal environment while discussing best practices and current issues in the benefits industry.

Each year there are typically three offerings of this conference held in the spring, summer and fall.

For the current offerings visit the New Trustees Insitute—Level I: Core Concepts webpage.

​All Trustee Offerings

In addition to coursework with a set curriculum, the Foundation offers numerous conferences ideal for trustees, to include

Hear what other trustees are saying about the
International Foundation and our programs.

"Being a trustee includes a high level of fiduciary responsibility. The Foundation understands this and provides excellent education opportunities to keep members informed on up-to-date issues."Paul G. HammockMultiemployer Labor Trustee
ILA Employers Welfare Fund

"As far as fiduciary responsibilities are concerned, nobody prepares you better to learn what is required of you."Donald C. AllenMultiemployer Labor Trustee
IBEW Local 158


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