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The definition of wellness is evolving. Today, individuals, organizations, and community stakeholders are looking beyond health care cost control as the sole objective, and are turning their attention to the broader impact of a healthy workforce. International Foundation education is designed to help you understand this evolving context, and implement the most effective and meaningful interventions for your role and your population.


Health Benefits Conference & Expo

For nearly 30 years, the Health Benefits Conference & Expo (HBCE) has been a leading source for employee health benefits and wellness education. Our unique structure focuses heavily on employer case studies to provide attendees with proven solutions in all areas related to employee health benefits and wellness. At HBCE you can expect to hear from leading organizations and learn from expert practitioners about industry trends, critical issues and best practices that will assist you in reducing costs while improving employee engagement.

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Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

For 30 years, the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference has been presenting the very best in health promotion. Attendees will hear from the top scientists and practitioners in the field and return home equipped with practical strategies and research backup to make your programs and your work more effective. Gain a renewed sense of commitment and passion knowing that others like you are working to make a difference.

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Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference

With issues such as the opioid addiction, growing concerns regarding mental health, how to handle medical cannabis, and rising prescription drug prices, the past couple of years stand out as some of the most volatile times for multiemployer and public employee benefit plans. The Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference offers targeted and timely sessions on topics relevant to plan sponsors and participants. Explore new trends, share experiences and discover strategies to promote a complete culture of health.

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Workforce Wellness

A workforce wellness initiative is more than just a program. It refers to the systematic efforts of an organization to enhance the wellness of its members through education, behavioral change and cultural support. Many employers take an active role in supporting employee wellness because improved quality of life positively affects overall productivity, health and stability of the workforce. The key to long-term success is building a culture within the organization that encourages and supports health and healthy behaviors. This course provides a comprehensive overview of workforce wellness.

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Our Wellness Program Is Going to Help People—Why Can't We Do That?!

Our Wellness Program Is Going to Help People—Why Can't We Do That?!

Employers and their advisors have been actively pursuing health and wellness plans with the goal of helping employees be healthier and more productive. Saving money on their medical plans can be a nice side benefit, but it has taken a back seat in recent years to the larger goals of having a healthier workforce. These plans come with a variety of rules from HIPAA and GINA nondiscrimination to ongoing ERISA and ACA requirements. Since the plans are designed to benefit workers and their families, the rules around them sometimes seem counterproductive. This session will focus on best practices for making the plans useful and compliant.

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Managing Diabetes Risk and Cost in Your Health Plan

Managing Diabetes Risk and Cost in Your Health Plan

Diabetes is an epidemic that is driving health costs higher and productivity in the workplace lower. It accounts for approximately one in four health care dollars spent, largely driven by our failure to enable patients to successfully manage their disease. Diabetes causes 16 million ER visits and 7.8 million inpatient hospital stays per year on a patient population of 37 million. We need to do better. The good news is that diabetes can be effectively managed when patients get affordable access to the resources they need.

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Survey Reports

Workplace Wellness and Financial Education Programs: 2022 Survey Results

Workplace wellness programs have grown to include benefits that address workers' mental health, financial health, growth and purpose. Physical health-related offerings like flu shots and health risk assessments remain popular but the meaning of wellness initiatives has been expanding.

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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits: 2021 Survey Results

More than four in five organizations (88%) believe workers are more stressed than they were just two years ago, according to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits: 2021 Survey Results.

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Success Stories

Case Studies

Learn what's working for organizations across different sectors and industries when it comes to innovative workplace wellness strategies--from chronic disease management to financial wellness.

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