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The definition of wellness is evolving. Today, individuals, organizations, and community stakeholders are looking beyond health care cost control as the sole objective, and are turning their attention to the broader impact of a healthy workforce. International Foundation education is designed to help you understand this evolving context, and implement the most effective and meaningful interventions for your role and your population.



Health Benefits Conference & Expo

​As employers continue to balance reducing health care costs with improving employee engagement, identifying what works and what doesn't can feel impossible. The Health Benefits Conference & Expo will help you do just that. Using employer case studies that offer proven solutions and insights from experts paving the way in their organizations, HBCE will help you identify the right formula for positive outcomes at your organization. ​

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Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

​For 30 years, the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference has been presenting the very best in health promotion. Attendees will hear from the top scientists and practitioners in the field and return home equipped with practical strategies and research backup to make your programs and your work more effective. Gain a renewed sense of commitment and passion knowing that others like you are working to make a difference. ​

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Online Workshops

Workforce Mental Health

​Providing a healthy and supportive environment continues to be at the forefront of employers' workplace strategy. Employers are increasingly recognizing that employee support doesn't stop at the office door and that a comprehensive program considers employees' family and home environment. While many employers and other health plan sponsors have taken steps to adjust or enhance their offerings, many are still unsure of what is most effective and appropriate for their population. Learn how to create, modify and sustain a program that is most effective for your workforce—whether it's made up of isolated workers, those on the front lines or a mix of both—leveraging tools and techniques that make a difference.​

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Employee Wellness Workshop

While most organizations have a wellness program in place, few are satisfied with the resultant engagement and outcomes. In this interactive, highly practical program, you'll learn how to take your current program (whether just starting or decades in the making!) and optimize the reality you and your team are facing today and into the future.

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​Workforce Wellness

A workforce wellness initiative is more than just a program. It refers to the systematic efforts of an organization to enhance the wellness of its members through education, behavioral change and cultural support. Many employers take an active role in supporting employee wellness because improved quality of life positively affects overall productivity, health and stability of the workforce. The key to long-term success is building a culture within the organization that encourages and supports health and healthy behaviors. This course provides a comprehensive overview of workforce wellness.

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Preparing a Place for Future Generations That Honors the Humanity of All Equally

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair, Dr. Sara Johnson, for a conversation with Dr. Gail Christopher about the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) movement, which invites people to engage in compassionate, empathetic processes of learning from the past, transforming the present and creating an equitable future.

Watch the webcast (1/18/2023)

Employers, Benefit Plans and Opioids: Pain Management Alternatives

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair, Dr. Sara Johnson, for a conversation with Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford as they discuss the deleterious impact of weight bias on health outcomes. Dr. Stanford will provide a preview of her keynote address that outlines the epidemiology of obesity as a disease, underscores the ways in which health professionals harbor implicit and explicit weight bias, and describes how organized medicine organizations have sought to tackle weight bias.

Watch the webcast (12/8/2022)

Employers, Benefit Plans and Opioids: Pain Management Alternatives

In this session, Cal Beyer and Dr. Brand Newland will provide strategies on how to protect your employees and their families from opioids through practical and proven first-exposure prevention strategies, including assessment methods to evaluate the risk in your organization and ways to prevent and mitigate exposure to first doses and/or addiction during medical and surgical procedures.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 8/31/2022)

Nature Exposure as Part of Your Wellness Portfolio

This session will explore the research evidence connecting health and nature. This session will examine several studies conducted by the Center for Health & Nature, including the effects of healing gardens, nature through virtual reality, nature exposure among remote workers and theoretical measurement development. The session will conclude by examining programs developed to increase exposure to nature, including ParkRX, Walk with a Doc and Campus Nature RX.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 6/23/2022)

Diabetes and Chronic Disease Management Strategies That Reduce Plan Cost and Improve Care

This session will cover:

  • The state of diabetes management and prevention, including innovations in medicine and technology
  • Insurance market dynamics influencing cost and coverage
  • Tangible plan design features successful companies are implementing today that reduce risk and lower costs while improving employee health.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 5/18/2022)

Why Business Must Think Differently About Health, Equity, Resilience and the Future of Work

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair Dr. Sara Johnson for a conversation with Eileen McNeely, PhD, as they discuss how considering a new role for organizational caring and establishing a culture of trust, belonging and inclusion is fundamental to employee well-being and to supporting successful business outcomes.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 3/16/2022)

Driving Health Equity in the Workplace: AHA’s CEO Roundtable Report

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair Dr. Sara Johnson for a conversation with American Heart Association Chief Medical Officer for Prevention, Dr. Eduardo Sanchez.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 2/24/2022)

Preventing Burnout in the New Future of Work: An Interview With Jennifer Moss

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair Dr. Sara Johnson for a conversation with Jennifer Moss, a globally recognized workplace wellness expert and author of the book The Burnout Epidemic, to discuss the future of work amid uncertainty and change.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 1/12/2022)

Eating Like the World Depends on It: An Interview With Dr. David Katz

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair Dr. Sara Johnson for a conversation with Dr. David Katz as he shares his insights on the impact of our prevailing diets on the planet.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 7/13/2021)

Activating Our Best Selves to Effect Meaningful Change—Beyond DEI: An Interview With Laura Morgan Roberts

Join Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Chair Dr. Sara Johnson for a conversation with nationally renowned organizational psychologist and author Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts to discuss how leaders, managers, health promotion professionals and team members can use their power to activate meaningful change.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 7/27/2021)

Sleep Challenges During the Pandemic

In this webcast, Dr. Eve Van Cauter will explore how sleep has changed during the pandemic and how it plays a large role in immune response. Topics will include how sleep affects the risk of infection and vaccination response, how the quality of sleep has changed during the pandemic and what you can do to improve it.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 4/20/2021)

COVID-19 Vaccines and Your Workforce—Follow-Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our lives in nearly every possible way. Now that vaccine distribution is well underway, what has changed since the initial rollout, and what can we expect moving forward?

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 4/15/2021)

Mental Health at Work: Today’s Lessons for Tomorrow’s Workforce

This webcast will outline the range of mental health concerns that are affecting our workforce today and what to expect in the coming weeks and months. From the pandemic to social unrest, many on your workforce will have experienced situations that have impacted their mental well-being.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 4/6/2021)

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