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The definition of wellness is evolving. Today, individuals, organizations, and community stakeholders are looking beyond health care cost control as the sole objective, and are turning their attention to the broader impact of a healthy workforce. International Foundation education is designed to help you understand this evolving context, and implement the most effective and meaningful interventions for your role and your population.


Health Benefits Conference & Expo

​For ne​arly 30 years, the Health Benefits Conference & Expo (HBCE) has been a leading source for employee health benefits and wellness education. Our unique structure focuses heavily on employer case studies to provide attendees with proven solutions in all areas related to employee health benefits and wellness. At HBCE you can expect to hear from leading organizations and learn from expert practitioners about industry trends, critical issues and best practices that will assist you in re​ducing costs while improving employee engagement. ​

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Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

​For 30 years, the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference has been presenting the very best in health promotion. Attendees will hear from the top scientists and practitioners in the field and return home equipped with practical strategies and research backup to make your programs and your work more effective. Gain a renewed sense of commitment and passion knowing that others like you are working to make a difference. ​

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Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference

With issues such as the opioid addiction, growing concerns regarding mental health, how to handle medical cannabis, and rising prescription drug prices, the past couple of years stand out as some of the most volatile times for multiemployer and public employee benefit plans.
The Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference offers targeted and timely sessions on topics relevant to plan sponsors and participants. Explore new trends, share experiences and discover strategies to promote a complete culture of health. ​

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​Workforce Wellness

A workforce wellness initiative is more than just a program. It refers to the systematic efforts of an organization to enhance the wellness of its members through education, behavioral change and cultural support. Many employers take an active role in supporting employee wellness because improved quality of life positively affects overall productivity, health and stability of the workforce. The key to long-term success is building a culture within the organization that encourages and supports health and healthy behaviors. This course provides a comprehensive overview of workforce wellness.

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Resilience in Crisis: Tools for Employers to Help

Resilience changes how we think and behave in the face of change, stress or adversity. Join us for this webcast where you’ll hear about how you can help your employees (and yourself!) build resilience, especially during the pandemic crisis.

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Supporting Employees with Social Isolation and Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI)

As your employees try to process recent world events, including COVID-19, what are the most appropriate workplace supports and treatments?

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Strong Organizations: Your Role in Diversity and Inclusion

The world has changed. Over the past few weeks, we’ve experienced a dramatic shift in conversation—Organizational leaders are working to find how these discussions become part of our day-to-day work. Hear from three diversity and inclusiveness experts in a discussion led by the International Foundation’s President and Chair of the Board, Wendell Young, as they explore how the events of the past several weeks have changed the conversation and how organizations can more fully engage in diversity and inclusiveness to become stronger.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 6/17/2020)

Newfound Angst: Combating COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced tremendous uncertainty, change, social distancing and adversity into the lives of millions of people worldwide. This increases the stress, loneliness, worry and anxiety felt from family health, finances and work/home conditions. ​

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 4/6/2020)

Coronavirus and On-Site Clinics: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know

On-site and near-site clinics are a staple part of the benefits package for many funds and employers. In this webcast, we will learn about the value of on-site and near-site clinics, as well as how they are responding to the coronavirus pandemic, and what plan sponsors can do to ensure their clinic is taking the appropriate steps and precautions to serve members.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 4/9/2020)

Mindfulness as an Essential Human Resource

Developing and encouraging a culture that embodies mindfulness offers a wise response to the kinds of maladies found in our modern workplaces—the pressure to do more with less, being always "on," constant distractions—and the stress, anxiety and depression many experience.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 3/19/2020)

Suicide Prevention: What About the Workplace?

Learn key factors and statistics about suicide in the U.S. and Canada, the influencing risk factors, and how employers can implement workplace strategies to reduce the risk of suicide and play a leadership role in suicide prevention.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 10/10/2019)

The Results Are In: 2019 Workplace Wellness Trends

Join us on October 31 to hear exclusive findings from the new International Foundation survey on workplace wellness trends. Learn how organizations in the United States and Canada are evolving their programs to ensure the overall well-being of their workers.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 10/31/2019)

Bridging Safety and Health: How to Create a Comprehensive Worksite Wellness Initiative

Your organization has a wellness program and a risk-management program to address employee safety, but are these programs integrated? Lifestyle choices such as sleep, stress, physical activity and nutrition all play a role in safety and overall health. It’s important that your employees connect well-being to safety. In this webinar, Wellness Workdays CEO Debra Wein explains why a holistic approach to well-being that includes workplace interventions to protect safety combined with initiatives that advance employee well-being is the gold standard. No matter what industry your organization is in—financial, technology, life sciences, education, health care or another sector—you’ll learn what steps you need to take to integrate your programs and keep your employees safe and healthy.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 9/26/2019)

Improving Employee Financial Wellness Strategies

Many employers are concerned about employee financial wellness. Some want to start up a financial wellness program and need ideas. Others already have a financial wellness program in place but are looking for new ideas to boost employee engagement and business ROI. This session addresses the interplay between early financial wellness, personal finance skills and retirement readiness to see how employers can make a bigger impact. ​

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 10/3/2019)

Mental Health Benefits—Parity Compliance Considerations and Federal Enforcement of MHPAEA

Mental health and substance use disorders among the workforce take a large toll on employees and employers. To address this, many plans offer mental health and substance use disorder benefits along with their traditional medical and surgical benefits. Plan sponsors need to make sure these benefits comply with federal parity rules. This session focuses on complying with federal mental health parity rules such as the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA). The presentation addresses final guidance issued by the DOL in September 2019 as well as federal enforcement of MHPAEA.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 9/19/2019)

Wellness Benefits: Trends and Best Practices

Over the last ten years, workplace wellness initiatives have evolved beyond health risk assessments, physical fitness and nutrition programs. Successful wellness programs now include resources supporting mental health, financial wellness, substance abuse issues and more. Effective wellness program directors use both health and wellness data points and best practices, while keeping an eye on developing trends. This session focuses on how wellness initiatives can evolve to positively impact organizations.

Watch the webcast (Recorded on 8/1/2019)

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